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Students are encouraged to provide constructive comments and feedback for the purpose of further improvement on the subject/course. The feedback will be treated in strictest confidence and non-student specific results will only be given to the lecturers after the final results of the main and supplementary examinations (where applicable) have been released. Students can also provide feedback anytime during the subject to the relevant academic or administration staff.






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FMEDGE is committed to the review of its courses and subjects and the implementation of recommendations from these reviews in a timely manner. This document provides an overview of the key survey tools used by FMEDGE to gain feedback from students on their learning experiences and the guidelines on implementing these surveys.

AQTF Learner and Employer Satisfaction Surveys are distributed Annually and past students are asked to complete and return to FMedge prior the required date.

As part of FMEDGE’s commitment to maintaining and improving the learning experience, students will be asked to evaluate subjects at the end of a teaching period according to a predetermined schedule, students who complete a subject will be invited to complete a Survey via Survey Monkey.



AQTF Learner and Employer Satisfaction Surveys

FMedge ensures that the AQTF Learner and Employer Questionnaires are sent out to students, graduates and employers on an annual basis. 

The AQTF Employer Questionnaire collects information from employers of learners participating in nationally recognised training. The survey focuses on employer evaluation of learner competency development and the relevance of the overall quality of the training and assessment provided by RTOs.

The Learner Questionnaire focuses on whether learners are engaging in activities that are likely to promote high-quality skill outcomes and includes learner perceptions of the quality of their competency development and of the support they have received during their training.

On return of the Learner and Employer Satisfaction Survey the information is entered into the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) website. 

The information returned is provided for RTOs to help them understand their reporting requirements under the AQTF and gain the most out of their quality assurance and continuous improvement strategies.

Once received Senior Management evaluate the information. 

Where the analysis indicates that there are issues, which need to be addressed, action will be taken to remedy these issues and details of the action taken will be documented.

Under the guidance of the Chief Executive Officer, the Compliance Manager is responsible for the administration and review of all results collected by Survey Monkey.

Subjects and courses offered are to be surveyed in accordance with the agreed schedule and that survey operations and reporting of results within the business should comply with the approved procedure.

Student Subject Feedback

All programs offered at FMedge will be evaluated by using Survey Monkey. The Feedback survey evaluates:

  • The trainer
  • The class
  • The assessment
  • The facilities including student services

Delivery and collection of feedback form

Student feedback forms are distributed as part of the cluster workbooks for the students to complete and return with their assessments at the completion of each cluster.

On completion of a cluster of units students are required to submit their completed workbooks to the Compliance Manager.
The Compliance Manager receives the workbooks from the students and separates the student feedback form from the assessments.
It is the responsibility of the Compliance Manager (or delegate) to ensure that the collection of the feedback forms is done in a secure and confidential manner.

Once the forms have been collected the Compliance Manager commences the analysis stage of the process.

Analysis, reporting and storage of feedback forms

The Compliance Manager manages the processing of the Feedback forms as the numeric data is entered into Excel and comments into Word for analysis.

An aggregated report is drawn from the data entered into Excel and Word for presentation at the next staff meeting.
At the staff meeting areas of satisfaction that fall between 50% (based on the number of respondents) and the comments are scrutinized with an action plan being created based on the findings.

The elements of the action plan are added to the Continuous Improvement Register by the Compliance Manager for future follow up and recording of improvements and actions made.

Storage of feedback

FMedge will maintain all backup of surveys from Survey Monkey.

Electronic files containing findings will be stored for 30 years.







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