Standard 5        Clauses 5.1 – 5.2


FMEDGE aims to provide the highest possible standards for the delivery of education and training. To this end it is imperative that an environment is maintained that is conducive to learning.

The staff, students and stakeholders of FMEDGE should expect that all members of the FMEDGE community will conduct themselves in a professional, respectful manner to assist each other and not hinder or obstruct each other from engaging in learning by engaging inappropriate behaviour.

This Code of Conduct policy and procedure outlines FMEDGE’s expectations of students in respect of the academic integrity of their Assessments and general behaviour within the Course.

This includes the expected behaviour of students undertaking Structured Workplace Learning or Workplace Assessments.






CEO – Chief Executive Officer

FMEDGE – Focused Management Education Developing Global Enterprise



All Students enrolled in programs or using the services of FMEDGE are required to maintain appropriate standards of conduct at all times, whether attending a FMEDGE face to face class, engaging in discussion groups or representing FMEDGE in any capacity.

Integrity in academic work

Students are expected to:

  • Conduct themselves honestly and in compliance with FMEDGE’ policies.
  • Not engage in Plagiarism or other Academic Misconduct.
  • Actively participate in the learning process.
  • Behave ethically, avoiding any action or behaviour that would unfairly disadvantage or advantage either them or another student.
  • Ensure their learning activities are conducted safely and do not place others at risk of harm, including abiding by
  • Be familiar with the programs and resources available to assist them in completing their course with FMEDGE.
  • Not behave in any way, which impairs the reasonable freedom of other persons to pursue their studies with FMEDGE.

Equity and respect

Students are expected to:

  • Treat all FMEDGE’s staff, Trainers and Assessors and other students with courtesy, tolerance and respect**
  • Respect the rights of others to express political and religious views
  • Not engage in behaviour that is obscene, dangerous or offensive to others.
  • Not engage in behaviour that is unlawful, discriminatory, harassing, or bullying.
  • Not engage in behaviour that is perceived to be threatening or intimidating.
  • Not behave in a way that disrupts or interferes with any teaching or learning activity of FMEDGE.

FMEDGE resources and reputation

Students are expected to:

  • Use and care for all FMEDGE resources in a lawful and ethical manner
  • Ensure their actions or inactions as a student do not harm, or bring into disrepute, the FMEDGE’ reputation or good standing
  • Not misuse technology or communications facilities in a manner which is
  • unlawful or which will be detrimental to the rights and properties of others
  • Not engage in any fraudulent or corrupt conduct

** This extends to the LMS Diploma Discussion groups, work placements or work experience



Breaches of the Code

Where a student is observed to have breached the Code of Conduct, the individual having observed the alleged breach should inform FMEDGE Management and provide specific information and where possible evidence relating to the alleged breach.

Management will inform the accused student of the allegation in writing and provide any evidence pertaining to the alleged breach.

The student will have 10 business days to respond to the allegation in writing. The student should submit their response to the Student Support Services by email.

Management will review the student’s response to the allegation.

If Management determines that the student has breached the Code of Conduct then it may, at its absolute discretion:

  • Issue a formal warning to the student in writing;
  • Issue a ‘Fail’ grade for the Assessment or Unit;
  • Suspend the student’s enrolment in the Course for a defined period of time;
  • Cancel the student’s enrolment in the Course; or
  • Any other action or sanction the CEO deems appropriate.

The student will be advised of the determination of Management, including the foundation for their determination, in writing within 21 days of receiving the student’s written response to the alleged breach. The determination of Management is final.

Breaches of the Code involving potential Criminal Activity

Where the alleged breach of the Code of Conduct involves any form of criminal behaviour, the Compliance Manager, in consultation with the CEO, is obliged to refer the matter to the appropriate authorities, such as the Police.



FMEP005 Complaints and Appeals Procedure Policy

FMEP006 Disciplinary Policy

FMEP008 Internet Usage Policy




Website – Policies and Procedures Tab

Policy Manual

Student Handbook




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1 April 2015