‘LEARNING is the Most Important ACTIVITY'

- John Van Beveren, CEO


Learning is the most important activity in any human beings existence. I think of learning as creating change in one’s self. Through learning, we might change our knowledge, refine or acquire new information, change our behaviour, develop new skills or behaviours and develop new preferences. I particularly like a quote by Benjamin Franklin in which states:

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Often people enrol in courses to “learn something” and in most cases that means that the student of the course might acquire information and develop knowledge or maybe develop some new skills. Courses are often attributed to education but as Albert Einstein proposed:

Education is what remains after one as forgotten what one has learned in school.

At FMedge we construct our courses so that students are involved in their learning. We aim to ensure that the student learns from the experience of being enrolled in our courses. The main ingredient of learning is the facilitator (teacher interaction). FMedge facilitators are required to maintain their industry knowledge and skills but more importantly they are required to learn through facilitating the learning in others. As Phil Collins has stated:

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.

I am a life-longer learner! Every day I look for an opportunity to learn and I don’t know very much. Despite being highly educated I always find something new to learn.

For many years this has meant that I enrolled in tertiary courses. I have studied in the fields of Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, Mathematics, Information Technology, Cognitive Science, Education, Marketing, Economics, Law and Finance. I have held many managerial positions and provided leadership in business, local government and community groups. The courses did provide me with skills and knowledge but the variability of learning experiences across these courses astounds me! I learnt a lot from my employment, but I met a lot of people along the way who did not want to learn and their performance correlated with their lack of drive to learn.

The most inspiring facilitators of my learning were those who had a thirst to learn. The more these people wanted to learn the more they inspired me to learn. I was challenged by them and supported by them to extend my knowledge and skills, but more importantly to question my values, behaviours and attitudes so I could develop more suitable and robust ones.

As the CEO of a Registered Training Organisation that offers courses in business, finance and property services called FMEdge I set the vision, mission, values and objectives for this company. FMEdge aims to provide the best possible learning experience for its students through engagement with highly qualified, experienced trainers/assessors who are also keen and thirsty learners. Our courses are designed to engage learners and the encouragement of our facilitators assists them to learn.

FMedge has a strategy of continuous quality improvement. We periodically ask our students for feedback and input to improve the quality of what we offer. We also encourage our students to provide suggestions at any time during their engagement with our organisation.

FMedge students can gain nationally recognised qualifications like at all other Registered Training Organisations in Australia. But at FMedge students are challenged to learn and gain the skills, knowledge, experience, values and attitudes to be work ready and develop a thirst for further learning. Our alumni and friends of FMedge can and have subscribed to our newsletter to be informed of contemporary developments in industry and further opportunities to learn.

Dr John Van Beveren, PhD, JD, MBA, MSc, BA
CEO, FMedge



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