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Student Record Management

Policy Number
AQTF Standards Addressed
Standard 3        Clauses 3.6

This policy covers the obligations of FMEDGE to keep adequate records for the purpose of verification of issuance of qualifications and certificates, training delivery and assessment and the general operations of the training organisation.



Acronyms and Abbrevations

FMEDGE – Focused Management Education Developing Global Enterprise

RTO – Registered Training Organisation


This policy relates to all records kept either on paper or electronically by FMEDGE. This policy is to be made available to all FMEDGE staff for information and direction.


Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 require that accurate and orderly records are kept by a RTO.

These records must be retained for 30 years.

The following data must be maintained and archived for a prescribed period:

  • Certification – copies of certificates and statement of attainment.
  • Record of the training course commencement and completion dates.
  • Training and Assessment Plans e.g qualification pathways and/ or training plans.
  • A minimum of 1 piece of work per student
  • Assessment results.
  • Assessor notes of student outcomes for each unit in each qualification.
  • Moderation, validation and continuous improvement records for assessment, training and delivery.
  • Organisational documentation regarding compliance with the standards.

Other records required:

  • Students’ enrolment form
  • Copies of receipts or invoices or where it applies, statement of exemption re administration fee
  • AVETMISS statistical information record (where appropriate)
  • Communications with students that may impact on the outcome of assessments or the student participation in training or assessment.

All student records, copies of results and qualifications issued are kept electronically on a hard drive which will be backed up monthly and is located with the Chief Executive Officer.

It is important that our auditors, internal and external, are able to track a single student through each course, subject and class, and locate records of outcome that are found to be uniform across:

  • Trainer and assessor records
  • AVETMISS statistics collected
  • Qualifications issued, certificate or statements of attainment.
  • Fees and charges applied, refunds given and other financial dealings with clients.
  • Collected stakeholder feedback, opportunity for improvement systems inputs and other feedback on the operation of the organisation.
  • Actions taken to address feedback on operational and other matters.

Our Student Management Software Wise.NET will collect most of the above information and archive it electronically.
FMEDGE’s LMS retains assessment results, assessor feedback and other student information.

All documentation stored should demonstrate that the organisation has implemented the requirements of the Training Package, Purchasing Guides and standard guidelines.

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Compliance Manager

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G:\FMEDGE\Policies Processes and Forms\New Policies and Forms\FMEP009 Student Records Management Policy.docx



Date Modified

1 April 2015

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