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10365NAT Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English- Further Studies

This course is designed for advanced learners who are preparing for academic study. Graduates of the course look at the complex English Language skills required to produce high level responses to assignments, examinations and other academic functions such as plagerism and essay writing.

Skills undertaken include:

* Writing academic reports and essays
* Reading a variety of texts
* Understanding the culture of academia
* Interpreting graphs and diagrams
* Understanding oral presentations and lectures
* Participating ingroup discussions
* Pronunciation and punctuation


Candidates have a total of 20 weeks to complete this qualification. They may re enrol and continue study up to a further 20 weeks.


The Course in Preliminary Spoken and Written English and the Certificates I–IV in Spoken and Written English (CSWE) are accredited by ASQA until 30 September 2018. They provide a framework for learners to develop English language and literacy skills and optional numeracy skills to undertake further education and training, seek and maintain employment and participate in the general community.

The curriculum framework consists of 6 courses:

* 10361NAT Course in Preliminary Spoken and Written English
* 10362NAT Certificate I in Spoken and Written English
* 10363NAT Certificate II in Spoken and Written English
* 10364NAT Certificate III in Spoken and Written English
* 10366NAT Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English – Employment
* 10365NAT Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English – Further Studies

CSWE is the mandated curriculum for the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) which is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. It is also widely used in the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program.

It is licenced by the NSW Adult Migrant English Service


Primarily targeted to any individual from a non-English speaking background wishing to advance their understanding of English within an academic context.

Entry requirements

Participants are required to be assessed in written and spoken English and will undertake a Language, Literacy, and Numeracy test prior to commencing the training.

Learners entering this level of the CSWE curriculum framework are identified as advanced For example, entry point against the International Second Language Proficiency Rating (ISLPR) scale is 2+ across the four macroskills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Entry point against the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) is Level 4.

RTO Admission requirements

FMedge has the following admission requirements to suit the delivery and assessment mode offered:

* Students are required to be competent in basic computer skills i.e. conduct internet research, use email, cut and paste, use templates and prepare answers using word.


A possible training pathway for a student completing this qualification could be the following:

* Certificate IV Qualification in any Vocational Qualification (assuming they meet Language and vocational entry requirements)

These qualifications represent a logical pathway regardless of whether the RTO offers the qualifications.

This course is a component of the Certificates in Spoken and Written English (CSWE) general education English as an additional language curriculum framework.

The course prepares learners to undertake advanced language learning at ACSF 4 level.

CSWE provides underpinning language, literacy and numeracy skills that can be applied to entry into vocational and/or further study pathways.

Pathways through the qualification may include:

– full-time or part-time study with a registered training organisation
– face-to-face study – institutional-based training
– flexible delivery through online courses, print distance learning resources or a tutor
– blended learning options through distance and face-to-face delivery
– recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Course Content

Seven (7) units are required for award of this qualification including:

* One (1) is a core unit
* Six (6) elective units

Unit Code Unit Title Core /Elective
Module A – Compulsory
SWELRN401A Learning Strategies for further studies  Core
Electives – select at least 6
SWEDIS409A Speaking skills for discussions  Elective
SWEANA406 Writing skills for academic reports  Elective
SWELRN401A Learning strategies for further studies  Elective
SWEKNO402A Language knowledge  Elective
SWEUND403A Understanding academic culture  Elective
SWEREA404A Reading and note-taking skills for further studies  Elective
SWEPER405A Writing skills for persuasive essays  Elective
SWESPE408A Speaking and writing skills for presentations  Elective
SWELIS407A Listening and taking notes in presentations  Elective

Please Note: Please note:
Electives will be adjusted to suit individual requirements of a student. The RTO Manager must approve any changes to unit selection. Candidates who have attained competency in alternate units may be eligible to substitute those units for Credit transfer/RPL or RCC in accordance with the training package rules for the 10365NAT Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English- Further Studies. Where this course is offered for our corporate clients and subject to the training packaging rules alternate electives may be substituted to provide customisation to their specific requirements.


Upon successful completion of the required 7 units, you will be awarded 10365NAT Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English- Further Studies.

Delivery Methods

icon-online  Online

Programs can also be designed to meet your timeframe and the specific needs of your personal circumstances, your organisation and market sector.

Please contact us to discuss your organisation’s specific training needs and preferred delivery method (Online, classroom based or a blended approach).

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