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BSB30315 Certificate III in Micro Business Operations

This course is suitable for individuals who need to gain initial business skills and knowledge to establish or manage and grow an existing micro business, which includes tradespeople, cottage businesses or home based businesses. The course provides skills and knowledge that underpin a broad range of competencies relevant to the varied micro business contexts.

The person holding this qualification is expected to use some discretion and judgement by applying theoretical knowledge and be able to undertake requirements analysis, business planning, organise finances, promote products and services and undertake marketing activities. They may be required to provide technical advice and provide support to a small team. This qualification is suitable for preparing individuals for the job roles of Micro Business Owner /Operator / Manager.

Suggested participants include:

* Individuals that aspire to establish a micro business and gain initial business skills and knowledge, for example
those establishing cottage industry or home based businesses

Individuals that are or aspire to be independent contractors to other businesses, for example trades people wanting to go out on their own.


This course is offered and delivered online. Students can progress through the course at their own pace. Each student is assigned to a facilitator/assessor who provides assistance and advice to the student for each unit or subject area that they are studying. The student can commence the course at any time following acceptance into the course and initial payment of fees. This qualification may be completed within 12 months based on the assumption that students commit between 10 and 15 hours per week for 40 weeks, however FMedge allows the student to be enrolled for 2 years. According to the Victorian Implementation / Purchasing Guide this qualification would nominally take 305 to 435 hours to complete. There are no entry requirements for this qualification, but FMedge encourages each candidate to discuss their suitability for the course and the suitability of the course to their expectations with our representatives prior to enrolment.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.


A possible training pathway for a student completing this qualification could be the following:

* BSB40415 Certificate IV in Small Business Management
* BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
* BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management
* BSB50215 Diploma of Business
* BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management

These qualifications represent a logical pathway regardless of whether the RTO offers the qualifications.

After achieving the BSB30315 Certificate III in Micro Business Operations candidates may undertake a qualification in Small Business Management, or a business discipline.

‘Course Credits’ may be gained for further study on completion of this qualification.

Job roles

Job roles associated with this qualification relate to the delivery of training and assessment of competence within the VET sector.

Employment outcomes may include the following role/s:

* Micro Business Owner/ Operator/ Manager

Course Content

10 units are required for award of this qualification including:

* Five (5) are industry core units
* Five (5) are elective units

The Nominal Hours for the Qualification as per the Victorian Implementation / Purchasing Guide are 305-435 Hours.

On successful completion of the following 10 units you will have attained the BSB30315 Certificate III in Micro Business Operations

The following tables outline the Units of Competencies and FMedge subjects available for this Qualification.

Unit Code Unit Title Core /Elective Subject Area
 BSBSMB305  Comply with regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements for the micro  business  Core  –
 BSBSMB304  Determine resource requirements for the micro business  Core  –
 BSBSMB302  Develop a micro business proposal  Core  –
 BSBSMB301  Investigate micro business opportunities  Core  –
 BSBSMB303  Organise finances for the micro business  Core  –
 BSBFIA301 Maintain financial records  Elective  –
 BSBEBU401 Review and maintain a website  Elective  –
 BSBSMB306  Plan a home-based business  Elective  –
 BSBITU305 Conduct online transactions  Elective  –
 BSBHRM405  Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff  Elective  –


Please Note: The elective units of competency have been selected by FMedge following industry consultation and are offered in the standard delivery of this course by FMedge. Candidates who have attained competency in alternate units may be eligible to substitute those units for Credit transfer/RPL or RCC in accordance with the training package rules for the BSB30315 Certificate III in Micro Business Operations. Where this course is offered for our corporate clients and subject to the training packaging rules alternate electives may be substituted to provide customisation to their specific requirements.


Upon successful completion of the required 10 units, you will be awarded BSB30315 Certificate III in Micro Business Operations.

Delivery Methods

icon-online  Online

Programs can also be designed to meet your timeframe and the specific needs of your personal circumstances, your organisation and market sector.

Please contact us to discuss your organisation’s specific training needs and preferred delivery method (Online, classroom based or a blended approach).

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